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Meet The Team,

E-Mega has a great team culture with everyone getting stuck into the daily running of the store.
Above all we know our electric bikes and scooters and we love to have a yarn to our customers. The team is friendly and knowledgeable and above all we love what we do. We all work together to give our customers the best experience possible.

Pictured above: Jas, Owner




Jas can be found anytime of day smiling away with a cup of joe in hand. She’s the happy and energetic ideas woman that always challenges the team to bring something different to the table. When not in store, she can be found riding her E-Bike around the city and keeping her daughters in check!


E-Mega store is becoming more than just a store, it’s an experience, a must-visit destination to tick off your Christchurch bucket-list!


Chief Cuteness Officer

As the Chief cuteness officer she is always wondering around our store enforcing her cuteness on everyone she comes past. Currently fighting for the title of Chief energies bunny with Dylan.

Pictured above: Lottie, Chief Cuteness Officer


Pictured above: Jeremy, Manager




What’s that delicious smell? Biltong in the lunchroom? Courtesy of Jeremy. You’ll find this friendly South African bloke managing E-Mega by trade, and critiquing NZ’s biltong by choice. Jeremy is the brains behind the E-Mega operation, overseeing everything with an innovative eye and strong focus on customer service. For fun we like to tell him the All Blacks are still the World Champions in our eyes, make sure you mention that when you come into store.


Head Bike Mechanic

As you can imagine, our head mechanic lives and breathes bikes… So much so that he biked 7500 km around Europe! He’s the single most experienced road rider in the team & has recently converted to riding an e-bike daily, which is headline news given he was a staunch ‘I’ll service them, I’ll sell them but I won’t ride them’ kind of guy.

Pictured above: Dave, Head Bike Mechanic


Pictured above: Mike, Head Scooter Technician



Head Scooter Technician

You can find Mike any time of the day with pliers and a voltmeter in hand. A qualified electrical engineer by trade, Mike is able to fix nearly anything – electrical current or not.


Bike Mechanic

When asked how many bikes Ivan owns, he replied “40 last time I counted, but I haven’t counted in a while!” Ivan professionally collects and restores vintage mountain bikes… He’s a walking mountain bike encyclopedia!

Pictured above: Ivan, Bike mechanic


Pictured above: Lisa, Sales and Store Decor



Sales & Store Decor

Lisa is the warm heart of the team. Mosaic on the front window? That’s her. Lisa is an artist by trade and makes the tastiest feijoa slice you’ve ever had. If you’re totally new to riding and need some gentle, caring encouragement to get back on the bike, Lisa is your woman!


Sales & Marketing

Is that a sales specialist or a marketing specialist– wait it’s both! Dylan has the energy of an energiser battery & can’t decide what he enjoys more, the selling, the marketing, or the riding of e-bikes & scooters. He is also a pro at photography, videography, he’s the brains behind the new E-Mega logo … the kind of over achiever that was annoying at school but you couldn’t help but like, you know the type?

Pictured above: Dylan, Sales and Marketing


Pictured above: Kamble, Workshop Tech



Bike Mechanic

Kamble is a keen weekend mountain biker and an ex-aircraft engineer. If this man can fix planes, you can rest assured your E-Bike is in good hands! Kamble is currently in university studying geology with a young family at home.

The Electric Bug

Part of the team in every way with quirky personality just like the rest of us.

Pictured above: E-Mega Ebug



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