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Are Electric Golf Scooters The Future Of Golf Course Transport?

E-Mega Store is excited to showcase our range of Electric Golf Cart Scooters, specifically designed to be used on the golf course. These electric golf cart scooters are incredibly easy and intuitive to operate and will have you making your way from hole to hole in no time.

The oversized tires offer a sense of stability, allowing you to feel totally in control and comfortable.
New Zealand golf courses have responded well to electric golf scooters and most courses allow them to be used on the fairways with no restrictions, allowing you to drive them right up to the green.

They don’t leave tire marks and best of all they can speed up play, ideal for times when you might not have the full day to spend walking the course.
Speaking of speed, we stock various brands with some capable of running up to 55 kph, respectively. The max speed can be limited which is perfect for golf resorts looking to purchase the scooters to rent to members.

Beginners to electric scooters have commented on the comfortability and ease of use from the moment they jumped on. Turning tight corners was never an issue, nor was going over bumps. The easy kick stand allows for quick parking of the scooter. We also offer a trike electric golf scooter which is perfect for those requiring the stability of three wheels.

The battery life of the Electric Golf Scooters allows you to easily get around the golf course on a full charge. A recent 18 hole round of golf at Clearwater Resort in Christchurch on the Chopper E Voyager used roughly 40% of the battery.

We are also currently working on a car tow bar carrier so you can easily transport your electric golf scooter to the course with ease.

Another thing we enjoy about the electric golf scooters is that they help you focus more on your game. Driving only to your ball gives you extra time to figure out which club you need to hit next and where you want the ball to land.

So if you’ve been thinking about an Electric Golf Scooter, or want to know more, come in and talk to the experts, we have various models on display and our friendly, knowledgeable staff are ready to assist.

Check our our full range here >

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  1. Coukd you please send cost of a three wheeler scooter for my dad possibly to have a pillion passenget

    1. The trikes are $1699.
      they do have room for pavilion passenger but really are design for kids etc
      Cheers Greg

  2. Any chance of dimensions for the golf scooter. Both set up and folded (if they do) please?

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