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At E-Mega Store, we live and breathe bikes and Electric Scooters. We have certified mechanics ready to get your push bike and electric scooter running like new! Whether it’s a quick flat tire fix, or a comprehensive service of your entire bicycle or electric scooter, we’ve got you covered.

We work on traditional bicycles and electric bikes as well as electric scooters, offering servicing and repairs to get you back on the road faster.

We also offer dedicated Electric Scooter servicing and repairs.

Check out our rates below, and remember, if you are not sure what type of service you need, we are able to assist and evaluate your specific needs, just give us a call on 03 925 8987 or pop in and see us at 484 Cranford Street, Christchurch.

Safety Check

For the E-Scooter that is already in good shape. Get prepared for that weekend ride or commute!

  • Quick brakes adjustment
  • Check  brake pads
  • Check brake sensors
  • Clean the disc rotors
  • Lubricate bearings and seals
  • Inflate tires
  • Check sticky throttle
  • Check all lights
  • Calibrate speedometer
  • Fasten all bolts, screws and axles
  • A safety check is in no way a substitute for a complete service.


* Price excludes parts


We’ll get your E-Scooter finely tuned and lubricated, ready to jump back on for the next ride.

  • Complete brake adjustment including
  • Check brake cables for shredding and ensure free movement
  • Bleed hydraulic brakes (if applicable)
  • Check bearings for damage or replace in the non-driving wheel
  • Check the bearings in the driving wheel (motor) for damage
  • Ensure resistance free mechanical operations
  • Check handle bar alignment and excessive play
  • Torque axle nuts and other major fasteners
  • Align the kickstand
  • Inflate tires
  • Complete clean up


* Price excludes parts


A complete dismantle and clean of the electric motor(s) – can greatly approve range and efficiency!

$99 Single Motor
$179 Dual Motor

* Price excludes parts


Not sure which service is for you?
Ask one of our experienced team for advice!


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