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Blackburn Carrier Basket Local Black OSZ


Versatility is the name of the game with this robust basket rack. You can install it front or rear, and the basket design makes it easy to carry groceries, extra clothes or whatever you need for everyday adventures. It?s both height and width adjustable and disc-brake compatible to fit almost any road or mountain bike. It also features an integrated clip to mount a Blackburn light for added visibility and nighttime riding.
Universal swivel mounting hardware allows mounting on most adult bikes
Robust legs attach to the frame providing increased loading capacity
Horizontal leg loop for cargo strap hook
Install on the front or rear of your bike using front QR skewer or eyelets
Cargo net helps keep your groceries and gear secure
Adjustable width & height to accommodate most road and mountain bike hub and tire widths
Disc brake compatible Light clip attachment Lock holster

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