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Cat Eye Light Front AMPP 1100 EL1100RC Black, OSZ


A high-powered, bright front LED light, Cateye’s Ampp 1100 will help you see and stay seen.

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Spreading visibility further the light comes with Cateye’s OptiCube lens technology which spreads the light beam further creating an excellent level of side visibility.

Light Modes

The light comes with five different light modes which can easily be switched between allowing you to find the best possible lighting for your current environment and ride length. The light modes included are:

High: 1100 lumens – 1.5 hours

Middle: 800 lumens – 2 hours

Low: 400 lumens – 4.5 hours

Daytime HyperConstant: 1100/400 lumens – 6.5 hours

Flashing: 200 lumens – 50 hours


The internal battery is rechargeable and comes with a micro-USB charging cable. The light can be fully recharged in just 3-5 hours with a built-in fast recharging circuit. Letting you know when to charge the light comes with a battery light indicator.


For quick and easy mounting, the Ampp 1100 light is easy to attach to your handlebars via the included FlexTight bracket. This, tool-free, mounting system works with most types of bike frames and ensures a quick release.


Weight: 200g

Light Source: High intensity white LED x2

Battery Type: Lithium-ion rechargeable battery

Recharge Time: 3-5 hours


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