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Kaabo Skywalker 10H

5.0 (2 reviews)


With the powerful 800W motor the Skywalker 10H can cruise up to speeds of 45km/h. The 10inch pneumatic tyres and full suspension give a smooth ride and the front and rear disk brakes give excellent stopping power. The handlebars are adjustable to suit any height rider and the scooter and handle bars fold down for compact storage.

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We (E-Mega) sell high powered scooters for use on private land and do not sell for use on public roads or pavements. E-Mega can accept no responsibility for misuse of the product. Please refer to NZTA Guidelines for current road use regulations and safety guidelines. A helmet is recommended for all use.

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2 reviews for Kaabo Skywalker 10H

  1. Andrew Earnshaw

    I love this scooter, fast enough to encourage a little adrenaline without soiling any underwear. This is a simple scooter to use with nice wider wheels to provide some confidence in the ride, safety and some suspension to soften the ride.
    Seems to get close to 50 KM/h on a slight downhill or with a strong wind behind you and breezes up the smaller inclines without to much power loss which is pretty impressive given I weigh 100 KG.
    Love the simplistic design and ease of use and feel it was well worth spending the little bit extra for this model, as i considered the model below with less power and smaller wheels.
    I can take my young kids on it with me to, but of course slowly and safely for trips to the shops and the key enables me to stop them even thinking of using it on their own.
    The wider wheel enables a good locking point for a chain and padlock when going into to the shops.
    To be fair not tested the range however it seems to do 15KM with ease and normally I ride it on my own at full speed, or as near as safe, so it certainly may do the stated limit on lower speed settings.
    If I was to improve this and make it better, the brakes would be hydraulic, and the adjustable quick release handle bar stem does not make me feel that it is that strong! This is only a feeling and therefore I ride it accordingly being respectful not to bump up and down curbs (even low level). These are possibly additional features on the higher end models.
    Value for money 5/5.
    Quality exceeds others that I have ridden so 5/5.
    Fun value 5/5.
    Staff service at EMega (despite no discount, even whilst begging) 5/5.
    So highly rated in my humble opinion and a welcome addition to my family of toys!

  2. Alberto de Souza

    I am really happy with my purchase, it is fast and reliable . I am now convincing my partner to buy one too. Thanks to Jeremy and staff to make communication and delivery so smoothly.

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